Kitchen and dining room completed


Jane, Ross and I did the grunt work of painting the dining area a ‘Tuscan sunset orange’ ( A colour we mixed ourselves by us!) And Kylie has added the finesse with sun flowers and leaves in the dining room and huge fruit & a veg in the kitchen for the boys to paint. Its The makeover ‘volunteering style’ is complete.

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8 Responses to Kitchen and dining room completed

  1. Looking good guys, I can see Yasmin taking some inspiration from this, I need to get home early tonight and hide the paint, I don’t want sunflowers everywhere. On serious note it looks ace.

  2. Jules says:

    looks fab – well done and love to all xx

  3. leesnip says:

    That is brilliant love the sun flowers would love to be seeing sun flowers over here right now. Love to all of you from all of us xxxxxxx

  4. Janice Duncker says:

    Excellent job – it looks fantastic. Well done to all xx

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